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Five years ago, Debbie and Cas sold us a quaint little home and were diligent in making sure every, last detail was taken care of. Then it came time to find another place, and as soon as I let them know it was time to sell ours, they were on it!!! Again, diligence, every I was dotted and every "T" was crossed!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is ready to buy, or sell!

Gary and Linda Henderson

When it was time to buy (and then later sell) our home, we knew we wanted to work with an experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, "no non-nonsense" agent. We were blessed to find two realtors who met this criteria in Debbie and Cas Summers. We are confident their expertise helped us buy/ sell at a competitive price and they understand how important consistent communication is throughout the entire sales process. The service we received from them was nothing short of first class, which is why I hope the Summers are the only realtors we ever work with for our real estate needs.

The Robinson Family
Cas and Debbie always answer their phone calls.  We were treated with the greatest respect and we always felt that they were looking out for our best interests.
Bill & Becky Meyer
Cas & Debbie were always available to answer questions.  They explained the process along the way and were always "one-step-ahead". 
Cas & Debbie are both very nice and personable.  They care about their clients and want what's best for them.
Brian & Michelle Cechowski
Cas and Debbie helped me every step of the way with honesty and sincerity that you rarely find these days. Cas and Debbie work as such a great team - I "always" felt like finding my house was a priority.  There were "always" there to take my calls and answer my questions.
Martha Klees
We have worked with Cas and Debbie 5 times (3 sales & 2 purchases).  They are very professional and friendly.  Each transaction process went incredibly smoothly.  We would recommend Cas & Debbie to anyone thinking of buying or selling in the Orlando area.
Greg & Mitra Jobes
Cas & Debbie were very ambitious in the sale of our home. We were already living in Tennessee when we listed our home with them over the phone. They took beautiful pictures of our home (that expired with another REALTOR) and displayed everything so nicely on their website... They did an excellent job.
Steve Hooper
Cas was very dedicated in finding exactly what we wanted in a timely manner. We really appreciate all the time and effort he put into helping us find our first home.
Mandy & Billy Cezalien

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