Helping Lake Mary Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure Scams

You've heard the old saying; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. With the growing number of Lake Mary homeowners facing foreclosure desperate homeowners many times seek solutions that unknowingly do more harm than good. Hence the rapid rise of Lake Mary foreclosure rescue scams. No doubt, you will see ads that look or sound something like these:

  • "You Can Stop Foreclosure Now!”
  • "Save Your Home - We Guarantee It! Contact Us For a Free Consultation”
  • “Our Firm Has Special Relationships With Many Banks to Speed Up Case Approvals.”
  • "Stop Your Lake Mary Foreclosure Now - We Guarantee It.”
  • “We Stop Lake Mary Foreclosures Everyday - Our Team of Professionals Will Stop Yours Today!”

Be Alert and Raise Your Defenses!

These messages should raise your red flags. Guarantees to stop the Lake Mary foreclosure process – no matter what your circumstances should raise your defenses to determine if these claims of all are in your best interest. In most cases, these entities will instruct you not to contact your lender, lawyer, or credit or a housing counselor.

Other demands you could hear include:

  • Collection of a fee before the organization will provide any services
  • Tells you to transfer your deed or title to their organization
  • Tells you they will fill out paperwork for you
  • Requires you to submit payment only by cashier’s check or wire transfer
  • Instructs you to lease your home so you can buy it back at a later date or over time
  • Coerces you to make your mortgage payments directly to their organization, rather than your lender
  • Pressures you to sign paperwork you haven’t thoroughly read or that you don’t understand

Lake Mary Homeowners - Reputable Help is Available!

The most shocking and common scam involves a promise to rescue a Lake Mary homeowner from foreclosure, telling the owner they handle everything while collecting a fee and doing nothing. Here is the good news, there are reputable, legitimate organizations who offer foreclosure prevention programs so you can avoid a Lake Mary foreclosure. Offering you free, confidential assistance you will be provided all your options to help you make best financial decision for your situation. Contact us, the Summers Realty Team today!

Lake Mary Realtors, the Summers Team, will do our best to provide you with current and accurate information. However, we are not attorneys nor are we accountants. We strongly recommend you please consult with your attorney or CPA for further information and how this information may affect you personally.

Questions? Just Ask!