Lake Mary Relocation Tips

Kids and Pets Moving to Lake Mary

This part of the Lake Mary real estate website is just for the kids, so mom and dad, we recommend you sit down with your children and read this page together. Remember, moving can be a bit of a challenge for every member of the family. And don't forget about your pets too! That's why we included this information for your entire family. It really is all about helping your family move to Lake Mary easier!

Relocating Your Family to Lake Mary - Tips You Can Use!

  1. Before you relocate to Lake May, why not host a moving to Lake Mary party for your kids and invite their classmates and neighborhood friends
  2. Help your kids create a Memory Book. In it place keepsake photos of their last days at their home before moving to their new home in Lake Mary. Have their friends sign it and include their addresses for correspondence later.
  3. Create an "autograph" T-shirt with their friends signatures.
  4. Help your children go through their toys and clothes to see what can be donated or sold
  5. Provide sturdy boxes and markers (age-permissible) and encourage you kids to write their new address on the packing boxes
  6. Be sure to collect and file all of your children's past school records for their new Lake Mary school
  7. Do the same for their medical and dental records
  8. Emphasize to your child that moving to their new Lake Mary home will be an adventure and they are only 45 minutes from Disney and Universal Studios… who doesn’t like that?
  9. If your child expresses any sadness about their upcoming move, let them know you understand and that it is ok to be sad.
  10. For younger children - if your child does experience times of stress it is possible they may regress. This could manifest itself with bed-wetting or other infantile actions with younger children. If this should occur, reassure your child. With some nurturing, most children adjust smoothly to their new Lake Mary home.
  11. If your child participated in a play group, sports team or other social gathering at their previous home try to locate a similar group in your new community. Seek out these settings at your child's new school, the Lake Mary parks and recreation office or house of worship for continuity.

Are you ready to begin your Lake Mary MLS property search? Don't forget to include the kids in your search for your next Seminole County home.

Helping Your Pets Relocate Easier to Lake Mary

Because we love our pets, care and attention should also be given to their needs when it comes to helping them cope with a move. Below are a few helpful tips to make the transition easier to their new Lake Mary home.

  1. Kennel your pets for their safety during packing activities
  2. Try to maintain a typical routine for your pet to reduce their stress
  3. Prior to your move, determine if any medical documents are needed to transport your pet from one state to another. This information can be obtained from your local vet.
  4. Ask your vet to refer you to a new vet in Lake Mary. You can also contact us for assistance with your selection of a new vet, we love ours!
  5. Make sure all shots and vaccines are current.
  6. Have all up to date pet medical records with you during your move.
  7. When you first arrive at your new home keep your pet out of harms way while movers unpack.
  8. When you first arrive at your new Lake Mary home, allow your pet to slowly become acclimated to their new surroundings. Begin first in the home, and then move to the outdoors.

These tips should help your pet fit right in to their new Lake Mary home. Do you need assistance locating a local vet? We can help! Contact us here at the Summers Realty Team today!

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