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Lake Mary Yard Sale Tips

Lake Mary Yard Sale - Earn Money and Move Less!

Are you ready to make your Lake Mary move easier? Plus, you can maximize the sale of your Lake Mary home by earning money from items you no longer need or want.  With the following tips you will be able to even organize your neighbors and plan a garage sale in your community too.

Lake Mary Yard Sale Tips

The following unique Lake Mary yard sale tips provided by the Summers Realty Team will help you make the most of your garage sale earning you the most income from your efforts:

  1. Have a Solid Yard Sale Plan-It is recommended you allow yourself plenty of time to organize your entire Lake Mary home- including your garage. The goal of your Lake Mary yard sale is to sell items you don't need or want so you can earn money and move less. Many of these items are residing in your closet and the garage.  Don't miss this great opportunity by not giving yourself ample time to prepare and organize.
  2. Select a GOOD Garage Sale Date - Saturdays are excellent days for a garage sale because bargain hunters are more likely to be available on a Saturday. Avoid scheduling your Lake Mary yard sale on holidays or during big local events. The mission is to draw traffic to your event.
  3. Go Big- Invite your neighbors, maybe a boy scout or girl scout troop to join your sale. The more families participate the more goods will be offered. That means a better yard sale for you because of the increased potential for bargain hunters.
  4. Get the Kids Involved- Ask your kids to help out by having them clean out their rooms. Allow them to earn money from the sale by encouraging them to sell seldom used toys, books and out grown clothing. another way to get them involved is to allow them to sell beverages and snacks.
  5. Hot Yard Sale Items-Items that attract tons of traffic include toys, furniture, appliances, and power tools. Remember, practical household goods are much better sellers than adult clothes.
  6. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise- Do not forget to promote your Lake Mary yard sale by  posting signs in your neighborhood and on major intersections near your home. Advertise here on our MoveToLakeMary.com website! Advertise at other local outlets like Orlando Craigslist, Twitter and take out an advertisement in at least one local paper.  Make sure you tell your other neighbors, co-workers, and friends too.
  7. Make it Easy to Find Your Lake Mary Yard Sale- On all of your advertising, do not forget to tell people where your home is located in the Central Florida area. Attempt to make directions to your home easy for people to understand.
  8. Make the Change-I recommend you have lots of change on hand. That includes singles, fives, tens, and coins too. You should be prepared to break lots of $20 dollar bills.
  9. Be Generous-With your unsold items I recommend you donate them to a deserving local charity. Avoid hanging on to your unsold items. You'll only regret it later when you have to move them all to your new Lake Mary home.Plus, there are the tax benefits too. Some local Seminole County charities may even come to your Lake Mary home and pick your goods up at no charge to you.  

Have a Lake Mary Yard Sale Tip?

If you have a tip on how to make our readers next Lake Mary yard sale more profitable or easier, be sure to contact the Lake Mary real estate specialists here at the Summers Realty Team with your suggestions. We will add your suggestions to our list and even give you credit for your contribution.

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