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Big Tree Park in Longwood Florida

Lake Mary, FL is a recreational hub for the young and the young at heart! If you can hit it, catch it, throw it, swim it, pedal it, sculpt it, ride it or climb it, we have a sport for you in Lake Mary. From outstanding indoors sports venues to world-class fields and outdoor facilities, you'll find the perfect activity to keep the heart pumping here in Lake Mary.

Fun and games in Lake Mary include:

  • Outdoor field sports, indoor sports
  • Water sports. Now you know why they call it Lake Mary!
  • Racquet sports
  • Rock climbing
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding
  • On and off-road motorcycling & bicycling
  • Pottery, painting, music & dance classes

Offering you endless choices to stay in shape, Lake Mary and Greater Seminole County residents are on an endless mission to maintain great health. If you are moving to Lake Mary, you will find this information helpful when deciding where you want to live in Lake Mary.

Parks in Lake Mary and Greater Seminole County

Below you will find an alphabetized list of 24 parks and recreational centers scattered throughout Lake Mary and greater Seminole County. From relaxing parks to high energy team sports, we have it all here in Lake Mary!

Big Tree Park
C.S. Lee Park
Greenwood Lakes
Lake Dot
Lake Jesup
Lake Mills
Mullet Lake
Red Bug Lake
Soldier's Creek
Sylvan Lake

Little Lake Mary - Lake Mary, Florida

Lake Mary Dog Parks

If you think " Lake Mary is going to the dogs", you are right! Your pooch (and you) will love our dog parks. Here your pet can run, jump and enjoy the Lake Mary fresh air. I recommend you head over to Paw Park in Sanford where you and your pet can exercise and enjoy the great outdoors together.

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