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Educating Lake Mary Home Buyers

Educating you to the Lake Mary home buying process, you will be guided through every step of your Seminole County real estate transaction and that’s the precise reason for offering you this Lake Mary real estate website and these home buying resources. While the Internet is a helpful resource when conducting a Lake Mary property search and fact-finding to buy a Lake Mary home, always rely on a Lake Mary neighborhood specialist when making any home buying decision.

Your Lake Mary Home Buyer FAQ’s

Below are a few of the more frequently asked questions posed by Lake Mary home buyers. Of course we could fill many web pages with questions asked about the complexities of a Lake Mary real estate transaction.

•    I’m buying a Lake Mary home – do I need a home inspection?
It really makes no difference if the Lake Mary home you are buying is a newly constructed home or an existing Seminole County home, one of the smartest investments you will make is to request a home inspection. Every Lake Mary home built today or 30 years ago should be inspected. Why? Because every home has a certain amount of what are called “conditions”. Yes - these conditions even exist in new homes in Lake Mary. In addition to identifying these conditions, you will benefit from obtaining “peace of mind” knowing what conditions require your immediate attention and which ones are more minor. For more reasons why we believe it is in your best interest to schedule a Lake Mary home inspection, contact the Lake Mary real estate agent team today!

•    Should I secure a termite inspection for my Lake Mary single-family home and town home purchase?
You will probably be surprised to learn most Florida mortgage lenders do not require you to secure a pest report (termite inspection) when financing your Lake Mary home or townhome. However, ask any experienced Lake Mary home buyer and they will tell you it is the best money they have ever spent. Why? The primary reason a termite inspection is a smart decision is because it will identify all wood devouring insect in the wooden members of your Seminole County property. Unless you have an expert termite inspector evaluate your property you may never know a "condition" exists. By the time you discover your property is infested with termites and begin making repairs serious damage may have already occurred. A termite inspection offers you “peace of mind” allowing you to avoid any costly repairs "after the fact" should situations like these occur.

Don’t Suffer From Lake Mary Information Overload

The sheer amount of information required to buy your Lake Mary home can be a little overwhelming. It is recommended you be prepared to be inundated with forms, disclosures and legal contracts. Trying to navigate a successful home purchase without a knowledgeable team of Lake Mary real estate specialists is like skiing blindfolded down a Florida river – it’s a surefire recipe for disaster. Take heart, help is but a click away! To get started with your Seminole County property search, contact us, your Lake Mary Home Buying Experts for your initial home buying consultation today.

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